It is now clear to everybody (also boomers got it maybe) that the COVID-19 pandemic of this unlucky year, has changed the world as we know it; blowing up all the upcoming seasons for the fashion industry.

Times of Pandemic Slow Fashion Revolution YUUGEN store blog post


Brands are handling this disruption in many ways, but one stands out as answering to the pandemic in the most original way - Jaquemus which has published a home-made photo shoot featuring a natural looking Bella Hadid, that is making history. All of a sudden, everyone from their isolation, has felt more Hadid, nearer to an unreachable ideal.

Fashion is re-emerging from the lockdown by transforming itself. Leading the charge in this revolution is none other than Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s visionary creative director. On his Instagram account he announced «the goodbye» to the system as we knew it until now.

« … I will leave the tired ritual of seasonality and the shows, to regain possession of a new scan time, better fitting my expression need», writes Michele. « We will meet only twice a year, to share the chapters of a new story, it will be irregular chapters, impertinents and deeply free. They will be written by mixing genres and rules. They will be nourished by new spaces, linguistic codes and communication platforms »

YUUGEN store blog post Vintage Fashion Times of Pandemic Slow Fashion Revolution


Some fast fashion retailers such as Zara and Primark are on a crazy ride, with each brand producing approximately 52 micro-collections each year, constantly anticipating the trends, in order to satisfy the see-now-buy-now model.

The world of haute couture however, has gotten closer to that of vintage and slow fashion. What’s the reason of this change? This transition has been underway for many years as climate change and globalization have rendered seasons meaningless even before COVID... Vintage fashion is now a worldwide phenomenon. Shops, ateliers, and markets, are always crowded with those who are on a quest for originality.

In New York in 1965, the first boutique called Vintage Chic was opened, offering a curated selection of historical and antique dresses that were in reality a few decades old. This idea was an enormous success, and the New York Times wrote, «The smartest women are the ones who discovered this world, made of quality, fabrics, and manpower that nowadays industry can’t offer!»


Times of Pandemic Slow Fashion Revolution YUUGEN store blog post you make a difference


Quality has always been the primary objective of slow fashion, along with sustainability of course. In this sense, Vivienne Westwood has been one of the pioneers, promoting the action against climate change. Westwood’s motto is, Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody’s buying far too many clothes. Nowadays, as consumers, we can make the difference, we can be part of the change, we can choose and buy ethically.

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Author: Claudia Capurro

Graphics: Maja Paluchiewicz

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