Nowadays, businesses have much bigger social responsibility than they had ever before towards how they represent themselves and what content they promote. Besides a positive environmental impact, businesses have much more benefits from investing into sustainability. It also can boost the brand’s reputation and attract customers. Based on a recent study from Centrica Business Solutions (2017-2019) it showed that companies prioritise being socially and environmentally responsible. In 2019, 30% of companies that invested in energy infrastructure reported an instant improved brand’s reputation.  However, the research also found out that only 13% of the companies practitioning sustainability were performing well in this particular area. In most cases, the companies do not match customers’ expectations on how sufficiently they should be operating.


What businesses could do?

There are many ways that a business can improve in becoming more environmentally conscious. Investing in energy infrastructure and technology, like green-energy technologies, are one of the many ways to support the planet and boost the company’s green credentials that are so valuable for customers. Green credentials are ‘the qualities that show you believe it is important to protect the natural environment’. The businesses can also invest in eco-friendly accessories and stationary. These are the small things that can make a huge impact. However, due to inadequacy of those kinds of products in the sustainable market, it is much harder to find and purchase goods, especially in bigger quantities.


What about employer branding?

A lot of companies make the mistake of sending out mass production PR personalized packages that include many branding accessories and clothing that the receivers do not need. All those products are usually bought from unethical mass manufacturing companies and are made out of plastic or synthetic fabrics. Do you know where those goods end up? In the bin most probably. That is why companies should be advised to be more conscious in terms of what they are sending out and consider will it be actually useful for the party receiving the gift. Choose something practical and long-lasting that in a situation of it being thrown out, it can be recycled or biodegraded.


How YUUGEN can help?

At YUUGEN, we acknowledge the issue where sustainable accessories are not always accessible or easy to find by customers. This is usually the reason why people feel defeated and they turn towards mass production brands instead. Because of that, we talk with corporates about our business offer alongside building our sustainable accessories collection, so that we can help make  the process of switching suppliers to sustainable ones easier and smoother for the companies and customers.

Author: Laura Balajcza


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