It's International Environment Day today! For already 46 years, 5th of June is the day when the society stands together to reflect on the ongoing environmental issues. This is the day, when we as human beings should sit down and think about how our actions impacted the environment, whether they were good or bad. 

In the year 2020 alone, the world experienced bushfires in America and  Australia, the worst locust infestation across East Africa in the last 25 years and now we are going through a pandemic crisis. A lot of people take actions in the time of the final emergency instead of reflecting on the cause in order to prevent those disasters from happening. It might look hard to achieve and many think that one person cannot change the world. However, it is all about small actions taken by many people over time that can make a real positive impact on the environment. So evaluate your behaviour and write down the things you could have improved these past weeks, educate yourself further, and make an action! 

Celebration of Biodiversity

This year, Columbia is hosting the celebration of the Environment Day which is dedicated to biodiversity. To gain a  better understanding, biodiversity is the foundation that supports all life on land and below water’. It involves all the 8 million types of plants, animal species, ecosystems and genetic diversity. It is responsible for cleaning out the air from carbon dioxide and making our planet habitable. Biodiversity is the living nature. Many people do not know, but half of the atmosphere’s oxygen comes from marine plants living in the water. That means that every time someone destroys a coral, they kill a living creature and produce negative consequences for the environment. We are an important part of the chain, land-air-water are all connected and to keep the balance, we need to understand the part we take in the process.

What can I do?

Get involved. During the pandemic there have been a lot of positive changes in the environment - the air cleared out and less pollution has been made. It is all because we slowed down. It is so much easier to contribute positively to the planet than you think. It is so essential in the times of environmental crisis to educate ourselves and take small actions that will be seen in the long run. Take your time to reconnect with nature, turn off electronic devices and read a mindful book. Then educate yourself towards plastic wastage, air pollution and different industries, like oil or fashion, that have a negative impact on the environment. You can pick up an educational article that we here in YUUGEN prepared for you and check our range of multi-use, compostable or recycled products at Help us take care of our mother nature, as she is doing so much for us. 

Small things you can do today:

  • Organise a clean up with your friends
  • Turn off the lights - set up an hourly reminder so it becomes your habit
  • Use compostable dish sponges instead of plastic ones
  • Use filtered tap water instead of buying water in plastic bottles
  • Use multi-use bamboo facial pads instead of single-use cotton ones
  • Eat less meat, schedule vegetarian days in your routine!
  • Take your reusable bag for groceries instead of buying another plastic bag
  • Choose matches over the lighter - 1.5 billion lighters end up in the landfill annually, they are made of plastic and filled with butane
  • Use both sides of the paper before throwing it away...
  • ... or simply take electronic notes, screenshots and photos to keep them on your phone
  • Go paperless - use e-tickets when travelling, switch to e-bills and online statements 
  • Ditch single-use plastic cups, use your own multi-use mug/bottle instead
  • Use apps saving food, e.g.  Too Good To Go or Olio
  • Don´t use plastic bin bags, use papers at the bottom of a bin instead
  • Do laundry consciously - warm cycle and full loads (for both environment and your pocket)
  • Use public transport, bike, carpool!
  • If you have kids, use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones - on av. child uses 5-8 thousand diapers (= 3-5 million tonnes of landfill waste)
  • Save water - turn off the tap when brushing teeth or washing dishes, shorten your shower time
  • Adjust the flat temperature - lowering it by 1°C saves 10% on your annual energy use



Author: Laura Balajcza


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