Are you struggling to find a gift for Father's Day? Especially a gift that not only is sustainable, but will last for a long time? YUUGEN prepared for you 9 gift ideas that will hold a special place in your dad’s wardrobe and you can be sure he will make use of it.

1. Cotton T-SHIRT and POLO

Does your dad wear unbreathable and uncomfortable t-shirts that just last for a few months? We have a solution for you. Get your dad a top made out of natural fabrics, like cotton, as they last for longer and are friendly for the skin. In addition, unlike synthetic fabrics, they will not shred miro-plastic fibres into the ocean every time you wash the garment.

2. Recycled Polyester SWIMWEAR

As the summertime is approaching, there is no better way to celebrate Father’s Day than gifting your dad with a pair of sustainable beach shorts. Not only they will look amazing on the beach, but also it will lessen the negative impact on the environment, as no new materials are being used to produce them. Recycled polyester from plastic bottles in a new way to swimwear, so make sure your dad has one.



Is your dad looking for something to wear during his workout? TENCEL fibres are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. It is a new substitute material that is used for high-performance activewear making the garments anti-bacterial, breathable and micro-plastic free. Therefore, not only the skin and body will feel amazing during a workout, but the planet will thank you too.


4. Personalised Leather WALLET

A wallet is one of the most popular gift ideas for a reason. Everyone can use them, especially if you have money and bank cards. Does your dad have all of that? Then it is a perfect match. Not only is it a very functional gift, but also thanks to the leather being sourced from meat-production waste and being dyed eco-friendly, it becomes a very mindful purchase.

5. Personalised Leather KEYCHAIN

A small accessory is always a good way to your dad’s heart. Especially a key chain made out of leather that was sourced from a meat-production waste. That is why it will make a perfect gift and as everyone has keys, you know they won’t go to waste.

6. Locally handmade POCKET SQUARE from silk

Italian-made silk pocket square will make every man a gentleman. It will look very chic whether your dad is going to work or for a formal diner. The handmade artistic design will make the gift so much more personal and valuable. 

7. Reusable Cleansing Body GLOVE

Is your dad lazy when it comes to showering? The cleansing body glove is a perfect idea for making your dad washing routine more effective and fun. The glove is made out of 100% natural cotton, which means the material is unharmful to the skin and will last longer. To keep the hygiene, just throw it in the washing machine, as simple as that.

8. Upcycled SHORTS

Buying upcycled - vintage shorts are an amazing way to give the clothing a second life. Who said new is better? The shorts will add sentimental value to the gift and will bring up your dad’s memories of the old school times.


Or simply you can get your dad a gift card, so that he can choose the most  functional and perfect gift for himself.



Author: Laura Balajcza 

Source: https://www.tencel.com/about, http://aboutorganiccotton.org/

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